Wayfinding program for SAQQARA, a housing complex in Northeast Mexico designed by Foster + Partners.

Designer  |  Mobility Industry  |  2015


This project offered us the opportunity to help our client, to better understand their users' navigational needs. As lead designer I addressed the project end-to-end, it was developed side by side with the client from scratch to shipping.


After the initial brief, we outlined a Human-Centred Approach to gaing an integral perspective about the users' needs before engaging in our design process. We successfully surfaced key opportunities after expanding our group of users by including staff, and service providers into our scope. Our methods included:

- Co-Design
- Interviews
- Observations


A carefully-crafted set of graphicstypeface, and fastening systems, is the result of a full-circle approach. The outcome reflects how the ideation and the iterative processes are informed by insights from users and stakeholders. Ultimately delivered an integral solution that meets formal expecations, and provided all users (homeowners, providers, staff, and visitors) with the information to navigate the complex effortlessly.

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