Lead Designer  |  Gruen Associates  |  2023

Custom metal ceiling with a double-grid design divided by a vertical partition, developed for Balenciaga flagship store in California.


Deliver a tailored solution for the luxury brand that aligns with its identity, an industrial-inspired finish that combines  lightness and firmness of a high quality product.


Focused on collaboration, we developed open communication channels to ensure that the brand identity was successfully imprinted in our project.

Design features:

- Premium finish

- Easy to install

- In-house feasibility

- Low SKUs


A parametric-based approach was key to identify challenges and make dynamic adjustments to keep all the stakeholders engaged in the process to coordinate a sound solution.

Key tasks ensured our product successfully met all expectations:

- Rapid prototyping

- Team collaboration

- Clear communication


Attention to detail with controlled GD&T prevented stack-up issues and guaranteed high-precision products.

Preassembled modules ensured a quick and easy installation.


Seneca College

Lead Designer   |  2023

Parametric wave-like blades ceiling designed to increase comfort levels in public areas.

Visual script helped processing this project quickly and present iterations to stakeholders in a dynamic manner.

Clear installation instructions supported the team in site.

A simplified design approach made production much more effective.

York University

Lead Designer   |  2023

Concealed as an organic form that spans throughout 7 stories, this project provides the students with a comfort cloud of quietness.

Intense coordination with other trades and stakeholders was vital to ensure precision and accuracy in the creation of layouts, hardware location and component labeling.

Tools for fast CNC programming, assembly and installation were developed around different users who are involved in the project at different stages.

Visual scripts are a key element in the development of highly-complex projects that demand accuracy in the delivery of hundreds of unique parts.


901 KING

Lead Designer    |  2024

Located in the heart of Toronto, this project involves custom façade elements, millwork and unique panels for interior finish.


Deliver a design solution aimed at rebranding a Toronto landmark. Maintaining consistency throughout exterior and interior elements while balancing design specifications for in-house manufacture.


Close involvement with architects, project managers, GC and production helped us iterate fast and create a great product within a demanding timeline.


A set of products that will ensure the satisfaction of all parts involved, is only achieved with the team effort. It reflects the input and feedback gathered across teams.

Structural engineer reviewed and stamped facade elements to ensure codes are satisfied. Crucial visual aspects, ratios, finishes and air flow coefficient informed the final product.

Detail-oriented documents drives the quality of the product, it reduced friction across teams and helped in a highly efficient process. 

Millwork spacing is controlled with grasshopper visual scripts. 


Bank of America

Lead Designer  |   2024

A jewel-inspired ceiling that features an elegant solution of comfort, is the result of research and team effort, that pushed our manufacturing skills to the new limits.

This project involves extrusions, elegant finishes and invisible seams. Developing prototypes helped refining the elements for improved features for users. Manufacturing involved a 5-Axis CNC, running precise parts consistently.


Parametric Feature

Designer  |  GM Capital  |  2017

Custom ceiling feature for Distrito Armida's showroom in Monterrey, Mexico. Armida is a mixed-use development in the luxury area of San Pedro. Using parametric tools, we developed the project from start to finish; with a solution that enhances interior features.


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