Design Services  |  2012 - 2017

This project started in 2012 in collaboration with Fernando Martinez; it was born to challenge the boundaries of materials such as cardboard and quickly evolved into a multidimensional endeavor.


Consultant  |  Food Industry  |  2014

In the summer of 2014, Coca-Cola (Arca Continental) reached out with the following question: How can we spread sustainability awareness among our stakeholders?


Sustainability has been a topic of concern in almost every industry over the last decades. Coca - Cola, takes on a fully committed stance, which granted us the chance to help them understand the best path to improve sustainability awareness among their stakeholders.


Over the course of 4 weeks, we conducted a series of interviews and observations among different stakeholders' verticals to gain a holistic perspective about their valuesattitudes, and behaviors regarding sustainability..


The report helped our client to better understand stakeholders; we generated personas to communicate the resulting insights. We expanded our scope with an intervention, which leans on the brand's iconic bear made of recycled materials, to start their sustainability-awareness internal-coms strategy.


Romulo & Remo

Sculpture Feature  |  Retail Industry  |  2018

The founding of the Roman Empire is based on the well-known Rômulo and Remo myth. We were given the task to reinterpretate this myth and bring it into a contemporary context. The resulting work and process are shown below. 



DIY Lamp Shades  |  2016

Light has captured human's imagination since long ago, our bond was been made in an effort to ensure our safety from darkness and is embedded in our deepest concious. 

Capelos (spanish for bell glass) is an effort to remind us that we contain this essential companion, who sometimes is underrated. 



CONACULTA  |  Art Exhibition  |  2014

Life and dead is the cycle we all share, worldwide rituals surround dead and life as symbols of balance, the great constant that rule us all. Based on our national folklore and traditions we created a faceted skull bringing the prehispanic rituals into a contemporary context and so we invited 14 mexican artists to impress their work on this ceramic symbol mixed by native traditions and spanish conquer remanents.

Together with TOCTOC we brought this exhibition to the public. The result is the work of 16 artists from all over Mexico



Temporary Outdoor Feature  |  2013

Based on childhood memories, the red cape project is a cardboard installation with the intention to bring those memories back, the presence of wolves, in a new context and new shapes using cardboard as a mean to delivery the message.

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