In 2019, the pandemic changed the workspace for more than 41.8%% of professionals in North America. With benefits like increased productivity and reduced operational costs, have rendered WFH a permanent option for 36.2 million professionals (22% of the workforce)*.

Personal Project  |  2021


Create a solution that expands the Apple experience in the user's environment, a device that will enhance the existing touchpoints.

Research / Analysis

We centered on the user and their needs, studying their environment to identify the best space for a new touchpoint that enhances the brand experience.



We set out to explore the best approach for this opportunity and bring the user closer to the brand experience with a solution that enhances the existing touchpoints: a work/play station.



The Apple Pod is the brand's first incursion into the user's intimate space. It will allow Apple to play a new role in people's lives and bring the experience to a full-circle approach.

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